​Floor is made with 2x6s pressure treated floor gussets.  Flooring is 1” hard pine broads.  Walls are studded with 2x4s.  Gussets are added to the four corners.  Rafter material is 2x3s. The roof is built using roofing board, followed by a layer of tar paper, a drip edge secured to the bottom edge of roof, than top quality singles.  We attach all materials with galvanized nails and screws. 


Sheds built to order, delivered in Maine, Massassashutts, New Hampsire
Sheds built to order. Delivery to Maine, Massassushetts, New Hampshire - inside of shed
Shed, structure for view.  Custom made.  Delivery to Maine, Massassushetts, New Hampshire.
Shed, Built to Order, Delivery to in Maine, Massassashutts, New Hampshire
Inside of shed.  Custom made to order.
Custom made to order.  Deliery in Maine, Massassushetts, New Hampshire
Custom made shed. Multi-purpose. Delivery.  Maine, Massassuhetts, New Hampshire

All items Built by Hand

Please stop by to see various chicken coop styles on display.

Located 386 Buxton Rd, Saco, ME 04072


*Disclosure - some pictures are of coops with additional designs added by customers.

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