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At Specialty Barns we use solid pressure treated 2x4s and 4x4s for the frame and legs. Flooring is 1” hard pine boards.  Walls are studded with 2x3s.  Gussets are added to the four corners and legs for support.  Rafter material is 2x3s.  The exterior walls are pine tongue and groove boards. 


The roof is built with roofing board.  Covered by a layer of tar paper.  A drip edge is secured to the bottom edge of roof.  Top quality shingles used to prevent rain and snow from entering the building.  All coops, animal houses, etc. are assembled with galvanized nails and screws.  Windows are built using real glass.

Cape Cod Chicken Coop - 4 x 7 
Chicken Coops Sold in Maine
Cape Cod Chicken Coop
Laying Boxes/Outside Window
Chicken Coops Built in Maine.  Delivey to Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire.
Cape Cod Chicken House 
Enter/Exit Door for Chickens
Unique Chicken Coops Built in Maine
Cape Cod Chicken Coop 
Front View with Windows
Chicken Coops Built in Maine.  Delivery to Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire
Cape Cod Chicken Coop
Interior View/Roosting Bar
Chicken Coops Built in Maine
Chicken Coops built in Maine and sold in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts
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