Please note - due to Covid 19 - the price of lumber has increased greatly.  Specialty Barns will be adjusting the prices below by an additional 3% as of January 24, 2021.  The issue is so many businesses closing up and the demand for wood products has increased substantially.  Specialty Barns hopes as business returns, the price of lumber will decrease and as such we will make the adjustments accordingly.  

The designs listed below are priced as shown on the website (see disclosure above) and do not include delivery cost.  If additional features are required, prices have been listed.  Please call if you do not see something listed or you would like it added to a coop, etc.  Call – 207-282-9556

Bethlehem Chicken Coop (4x8) Double sided - $1,535.00

Salt Box Chicken Coop - (5 x 8) - $1,983.00

​Old Fashion Chicken Coop – (3.5 x 6) - $715.00

Monitor Coop (4 x 7) - $1,556.00

Cape Cod Chicken Coop – (4 x 7) - $900.00; other sizes available, call -207-282-9556

Barn Chicken Coop – (4 x 7) $1,389.00  (weathervane included in price and design)

Goat Barn (6 x 8) - $2,389.00; with landing ask for price if this item is required.

Porch Cob Coop (6x8) $1,750.00

Chicken Run - call for size and price


​Additional Windows - $42.00/piece

Painted rooster weathervane - each uniquely painted - $135.00

Vent door - horizontal - size 15" x 33" - wired, better venterlization - $55.00

Chicken Weathervane Custom Painted

All items Built by Hand

Please stop by to see various chicken coop styles on display.

Located 386 Buxton Rd, Saco, ME 04072


*Disclosure - some pictures are of coops with additional designs added by customers.

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